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Custom Homes Whistler - Custom Home Builders North Vancouver

Schreyer Construction LTD has over 20 years of experience in custom building and project management for major renovations and new custom homes. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date on the newest advancements and technologies.

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Schreyer Construction integrates all aspects of the custom home building process to create quality custom homes that are unique to You. At the same time, we generate quality work at outstanding value by bringing together a team (client, builder, architect, engineers and trades) for Your project. This is what is referred to as an Integrated Design Process.

When planning Your home, as custom home builders, we use an Integrated Design Process (IDP) and “a-House-as-a-system” approach. This process creates a team around Your project (Client, builder, architect, engineers and trades). Significant time and energy are invested early in the planning to create synergies which allow for optimization recognized by you, the occupant. This includes: affordability, comfort, health, resiliency and efficiency. “A-house-as-a-system” thinking brings a home together holistically, including the people, the enclosure, the mechanical and design. It considers all of the interactions these otherwise independent systems have within these custom homes, to create a space that is comfortable and healthy all year round.

What are High-Performance Custom Homes?

At present, there is no universal definition of a High-Performance Custom Home (HPCH). From Schreyer Construction’s point of view, HPCH is a whole package, including energy efficiency, air tightness, reduced cost, low environmental impact, quality of materials and installation methods and greater comfort for the homeowner. A home is like a big system, where everything operates together to keep you comfortable. Heating system, Air and water systems should work flawlessly. We like to compare a home to a car, where every system is designed to work with each other to keep you comfortable and safe. What if your car air conditioning wouldn’t work? When we build a custom home, we make sure all the systems work together.

What does this mean for you

All the custom homes we build are high performance, which means they last a long time, function well and feel comfortable to live in. Schreyer Construction uses long lifespan quality materials that are healthier for your home. These materials withstand wear and tear. This is what you will receive when you work with custom home builders such as Schreyer Construction. Our team pays attention to every aspect of your home and ensures that the systems work together providing a high-quality living experience.

What Does This Mean for the Environment?

To protect the environment, we do our best to access renewable materials that are typically third party certified and sourced locally to install in our custom homes. These materials protect old growth forests, are environmentally sensitive and come from responsible manufacturers.

Energy Efficient

The elements we consider to be essential to create a high performance home

  • Airtight and highly insulated building envelope
  • Healthy non off-gassing materials
  • Ventilation system for healthy indoor air and comfort
  • Efficient heating and hot water systems
  • Energy star-rated appliances
  • Materials to reduce sound transmission
  • Efficient windows and doors
  • Quality fit and finish
  • Low environmental and carbon footprint material
  • Practical and effective designs

Building a new custom home is no small investment. The design needs to be functional for you. Your space should cater to your needs and make your life easier! You may have preferences around layout, materials, finishes, workspace, storage, cabinetry, maintenance and other. We love taking all these aspects into consideration to create a functional space for You.

What’s the difference when Custom Home Building with us?

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Energy efficient building

Have you ever considered building a certified sustainable building style home (energy efficient building)? Today, there are a number of certified energy efficient building styles available, which are perfect for custom homes Whistler. These homes are built with the newest practices steps above the Building code. These homes significantly reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling, decreasing it overall e up to 80%-90%. If you are looking for this kind of efficiency, (lower utility bills and overall carbon footprint) we can help find the right style for you. To learn more, see Certified Sustainable Building Styles.

Energy Efficient