Our Process

Masters of Project Planning

Our Process

Masters of Project Planning

Schreyer Construction LTD. Is an award winning renovation contractor. We have over 25 years of experience in general contracting, custom building and project management for major and minor renovations and new custom homes. Every project is executed with love and care.

In 1995 Axel and Katarina Schreyer founded Schreyer Construction, using the company as a capsule to create positive change in the construction industry in the Sea to Sky Corridor (North Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton), British Columbia.

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What we do

Schreyer Construction brings together a team of professionals for Your project at the very beginning of planning. This strategy brings the best value for You – our customer.

Schreyer Construction looks after the entire project with You and for You - from advising on the purchase of a lot, to the design stage and permits, from the building process to home care service.


Client Introduction

We meet you - hopefully in person, or on-line and ask preliminary questions about Your project. Are You planning on a new home or renovation? Do You have a lot already or are You thinking of buying one? What is Your wish and “must have” list, design and lifestyle? With these answers we can help You select a suitable architect for Your project. Knowing Your budget will allow us to design Your dream home.


Design Stage

In this phase – what we now call the Integrated Design Process (IDP) phase, the team (general contractor, architect, engineers, interior designer and trades) communicates with You regarding every detail of your project, as it affects the shape and cost of the building process. Once You are satisfied with the plans and costs, the permit application follows.


Construction Process

During the construction process we make sure there is open communication between You and the professional team. We encourage You to be involved and if distance allows, visit the site. Alternatively, online meetings are a very common way to stay connected and we are comfortable with using the appropriate technology. Biweekly we provide billing and tracking of expenses. This ensures accountability and transparency during the construction process.


During Construction

While your project is under construction, it is important to protect your building investment by purchasing ‘Course of Construction Insurance’. Options are available though private insurance brokers. Schreyer Construction maintains communication channels with our clients during construction. These include phone calls, emails, texts and/or online meetings. It is important that the communication channels are open and used as frequently as needed for questions, updates and clarifications. If time and distance permit site visits and meetings are recommended. Schreyer Construction welcomes these on-site visits. Alternatively we can schedule online meetings. We recommend that the parties re-visit and re-acquaint themselves with the construction contract and act within the agreed upon terms!


Final Phase

The final phase involves a walk through the new build with Schreyer Construction, the final inspection and occupancy permit. The WALK THROUGH is done with the owner and the builder to determine any deficiencies. The walk through with the builder also offers the client an opportunity to understand system operations and maintenance requirements. This is also a time to explore the client’s interests and priorities related to on-going home care service, overseeing the home systems when the client is absent from the home, including periodic tests for optimal systems operation.



Schreyer Construction believes that IDP represents the best thinking and teamwork for building the “home as a system”. All the systems in a home should be easily accessible and work flawlessly and synchronously for the homeowner’s comfort, safety and well being. Constructing with the “home as a system thinking” is what we do best.

Our Process

The Integrated Design Process (IDP) guides Schreyer Construction’s building process. We are Masters of Project Planning. IDP establishes a team of professionals consisting of the General Contractor (GC) Architect, Engineers and the input of the trades likely involved in the build. Bringing together a team of professionals for Your project from the very beginning of the planning phase is the most effective way to create a plan that will have the best chance of staying on budget and allow us to deliver you the best possible product. IDP is a collaboration of professionals that harnesses their collective creativity and knowledge to optimize all stages of the project. We examine the smallest details prior to construction such as the heating/cooling and ventilation systems, the placement of mechanical systems, structural coordination and overall space design, to eliminate surprises and keep you informed of any possible complications or challenges.

The Integrated Design Process

Why Schreyer uses the IDP


Front-loaded time and energy invested early

Decisions influenced by broad team

Iterative process (ongoing process, systematic repetition)

House-as-a-system thinking

Allows for full optimization recognizing the occupant as the key beneficiary: affordability, comfort, health, resiliency, efficiency and more

Seeks synergies

Total cost is emphasized – may include full life-cycle costing and ROI


Less time, energy, collaboration in early design stages

Decision made by fewer people – silo approach

Linear process – step-by-step progression

House/building systems considered/designed in isolation

Limited, constrained optimization that solely benchmarks against building code

Diminished opportunity for synergies

Emphasis on first cost

                                                               (BC Housing, 2020)

Schreyer Construction is open to having a finished house, addition or renovation plan brought to us. Assuming we are the selected contractor we gladly help to analyze the plans for any possible optimization prior to the start of construction to avoid surprises as much as possible. If You have plans ready and are looking for a builder to turn them into reality, we are there for You.