A Trusted Squamish Home Builder and Commercial Construction Experts

A Trusted Squamish Home Builder and Commercial Construction Experts

No matter the nature of your construction project, you need to trust your home builders. Squamish residents can turn to Schreyer Construction LTD’s local team of home builders for dependable services. We work on projects of all sizes — from brand-new custom homes to kitchen renovations on existing properties.

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Custom Home Builders for Squamish

Constructing your custom home is one of the biggest projects you’ll ever undertake. Our team of home builders have perfected the process to ensure you’ll love the final result. We begin by discussing what you want from your custom home. This will give you the chance to voice any concerns and share ideas with our architects, builders, and other contractors. Next comes the planning stage. We’ll talk about the details, determine the various steps we’ll need to take, and set a timeline for your project.

Once we have a plan in place for your custom home, we’ll start construction. You’ll have the chance to visit your home frequently to check the progress and give your feedback. Finally, once you’ve moved in, you can choose to take advantage of our home maintenance program. No one is better qualified to perform these services than the builders who constructed the property in the first place!

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Kitchen Renovation

Squamish homeowners can also rely on our team of home builders for a kitchen renovation. Just like when we build a custom home, our process is all about collaborating with you — this time to achieve your perfect kitchen.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your appliances for better energy efficiency, you want to switch to an open floor plan, or you’d like to change the style of your kitchen to better reflect modern trends, our team of home builders know how to turn your ideas into reality. You’ll be involved in all the decision making to ensure your kitchen renovation stays within budget and results in a space that fits your unique needs.

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Residential Interior Design Services

Our team can also support you in revamping the interior of your house. We’ll give you advice about colour scheme, how to compliment your architectural style, and which elements can tie everything together. We can redecorate just one area or the whole house — whatever you need.

Commercial Construction

The Squamish builders at Schreyer Construction also work on commercial projects. We specialize in constructing custom auxiliary buildings to match your brand image. Plus, in addition to building the main structure, our Squamish contractors can help you with interior design to create cohesion with the exterior.

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