Spruce Grove Passive House

Custom Homes


The client was very clear about staying on budget, while building a product that would stand out, not only in looks but efficiency, functionality, and build quality. The objective was to build a home that was highly efficient and one that would have low energy consumption, resulting in low operating costs. A garage and suite were important to incorporate into the design for functionality. 


2018 Georgie Awards Finalist - Best Environmental Initiative

2018 Georgie Awards Finalist - Best Public-Private Partnership


The efficiency of the home was achieved by using passive house technology supplied by BC Passive House, and methods in the build to achieve the highest possible airtightness and energuide rating without energy inputs such as solar, geothermal, etc. This was done to keep the build costs down, however the home can easily be upfitted with solar and other technologies if so desired. Hardy materials were chosen for the interior/exterior to minimize annual maintenance.


The homes rating is 0.85 air exchanges p/h using the method required for energy star and energuide which will leave the HRV ports open during testing. The homes pre-drywall airtightness test was 0.22. Passive houses are tested slightly different where there the HRV posts are shut. The home achieved an Energuide rating of 89 and is a certified energystar home, the first of its kind in Whistler.