Cedar Ridge Mountain Home


Cedar Ridge Mountain Home



The renovation of yet another Cedar Ridge mountain home involved an addition to the East and West, adding approximately 400s.f. of a new floor space.This resulted in a much larger dining/living area with expanded windows that significantly improved views and natural lighting.


Department G Awards Winner Best Certified Whole House Renovation, Georgie Awards Winner Best Kitchen Renovation under $100,000, Winner Best Renovation – Any Room, Winner Best Master Suite, Best Interior Design Custom Residence.


The main idea was to open everything up. To meet this objective, the entire interior was extensively reconfigured. Everything was upgraded, built and finished to the highest level of craftsmanship.

The master ensuite that opens into the loft took over unused exterior space above the garage on the East and turned into a relaxed oasis.Small children’s rooms were combined with a sliding door, which enables also privacy, if desired.The guest ensuite was fitted with a corner sliding door system that gives the room more space and high-end hotel like feel.

The home is impeccably modern and a good example of what can be achieved with a wealth of wisdom and an innovative team.

Energuide rating 83.

(The average energy efficiency rating for a house of this age in British Columbia is 62 whereas the highest rating is 85. This home rates in the top 5% of this group of houses.)