One month after the Georgie Awards submission deadline (we decided to enter seven categories), I have been reflecting on our  very first time entering the Georgie Awards in  2008. While the learning curve was steep, I recognize now the impact our annual participation has had on both our personal, and business growth. 

The very first time I entered the Georgie Awards was in 2008. I came across the awards thanks to the Sea to Sky Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA). I saw it as an opportunity to measure ourselves, our company’s work, with others. At the time I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Long days and long nights. 

The first thing I had to learn was the vocabulary. Respective category criteria only allow you to use a certain amount of words (300, to be exact), so you have to be really on point. I spent many hours reading and going through my interior design magazines (House and Home, Architectural Digest, Objekt International, Elle Decor, International Architecture & Design, etc.). I learned that speaking the industry lingo was one of the most important factors to successful entry. And I say successful because the project won what was at the time one of the most competitive categories (Best Residential Renovation, 500.000-749.000, Nash/Park, 2009). 

The success didn’t stop just on the provincial level. Our Whistler custom home placed as the 2009 CHBA National SAM (Sales and Marketing) Awards Finalist (Home Renovation Award, Any Room, “Cedar Hollow Living Room”).

It was a sweet victory for more reasons than one. While organizing a photo shoot of the project, I was told by the  photographer that there is very little chance Schreyer Construction will place as it is, that we’d be “swimming with big sharks” from the city. 

That motivated me even more.  

I have never looked back since. Every opportunity we had with a good project, I took this on. Entering the awards (especially if we won) was always an exciting experience. Many projects take years from planning to the finish and the awards just feel like a good “wrap up”. 

2013 was especially memorable; we took home 3 awards in one night in addition to placing as finalists for interior design on one of the same projects. Eventually, 2019 hit. There was a pause but not for long. Sea to Sky CHBA hosted the awarding ceremony online and hardware was delivered in person to the offices, or project’s sites later. Not as much fun as an evening gala (I am sure you agree from both pictures) but we were thankful for this experience as well. 

Award winning construction company

Winning awards has served us as a tangible demonstration of our ability to deliver exceptional homes, which in turn helped us build trust in both the process and the outcome of our project with clients. I am inspired to continue pushing boundaries and contributing to the success of future projects. But is that all? Personal and professional satisfaction? 

Not really. Clients appreciate seeing these results as well and they proudly display the golden statue in their homes. It is also an additional bonus if selling the home. But really to wrap up the entire awards package, it is after all an investment into our business and service we provide to our customers. 

Of course I wouldn’t have achieved all this on my own. I am truly grateful for the support of our team, all our trades and suppliers, interior designers (Mitchell Freedland Design, Alda Pereira Design), architects (Crosland Doak Design), BC Passive House and the Whistler Housing Authority, and our dedicated photographer, Kristen McGaughey.  Thank you to my partner Axel. Their contributions were invaluable to the success of every single project.