Earlier this year, I was introduced to Schreyer Construction by my team, and I was immediately impressed by their new homes and renovations. The homes they have built not only look gorgeous, but they have been built to the highest standard through their “integrated design process” or IDP.

They look beyond the finishing touches and provide excellence in design and construction, using high-quality materials while upholding standards beyond minimum code—building a home that will last for generations. That’s why I am thrilled to welcome them into the Holmes Approved Homes network.

Our Holmes Approved Homes builder network comprises of hand-picked industry-leading builders who have demonstrated quality craftsmanship and are pre-selected to be part of the program. Our builders are experts in their local markets, and by working together with the Holmes brand, we enhance building practices across the industry through transparent documentation.

My team is excited to work closely with Axel, and Katarina, and the entire Schreyer Construction team to understand their local expertise and help them enhance what they do best.

Over the years Schreyer Construction has developed strong relationships with their clients, architects, interior designers and trades. These are valued relationships that they trust,, while striving to foster open communication, collaboration and transparency.

Their “integrated design process” (or IDP) ensures your build or renovation is fully planned by an expert team of professionals that is right for you. Whether it’s a new home, an addition or complete upgrades – they are built to last. The Schreyer team designs their projects to reduce energy consumption and minimize their environmental impact, resulting in a high-performance home that is durable, healthy, efficient and looks great, too!

Furthermore, the Holmes Approved Homes program blends the expertise of Schreyer with my expertise in integrating superior building products, materials and building practices. I have the opportunity to work with some of the best products and manufacturers the industry has to offer, and I love sharing my knowledge with my builder network because it’s the homeowners who ultimately benefit. Homeowners get a better-built, healthier and more energy-efficient home with cutting-edge technology and products that are built to last.

I tell every homeowner to get a home inspection because it provides a snapshot of the condition of your home. It’s like going to the doctor to get a checkup.If there are concerns, they will advise you to go to an expert.

Getting inspections completed at critical stages of construction is a bonus as it confirms things are being done right the first time. Our third-party staged inspections provide you, the homeowner, with an extra layer of confidence that your home or renovation not only looks good but that you are getting quality behind your walls, too.

Axel, Katarina and the entire team believe in building right and continue to shape the skyline of Whistler with its exceptional projects and unwavering pursuit of excellence while building safe and sustainable green homes. This is why Schreyer Construction is a proud member of the Holmes Approved Homes network, sharing our mission to create outstanding homes and to MAKE IT RIGHT!

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